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Dovolená v Jizerkách




Conference, educational and pilgrimage centrum Hejnice

Welcome to the internet pages of the International Center for Spiritual Rehabilitation!

The bishopric of Litoměřice has created a Center for Spiritual Rehabilitation in the ancient Franciscan cloister at Hejnice.

We can organize a wide range of programs including seminars, lectures, spiritual exercises, courses, practical activities, discussion meetings, literary soirées, family, social and well-being festivals, congresses, excursions, spiritual and psychological therapies, relaxation and therapeutic stays.

We extend an invitation to this wonderful location in the picturesque landscape of the Jizera mountains, where we will make every effort to make your stay a pleasant one.


Current exhibitions

1.07. - 31.07. Věnováno Clam-Gallasům
1.08. - 31.08. Obrazy krajin, Vladimír Mencl
1.09. - 30.09. Fotografie Jizerských hor - Jizerský fotoklub

Current concerts

1.08.2015 18:00 - Varhanní koncert Stefan Kames
16.08.2015 15:30 - Koncert Spirituál kvintet
22.08.2015 15:30 - Varhanní koncert Ireny Špinlerové


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